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We are dedicated to being an efficient channel to the market for quality microingredients. We have over 1000 microingredients in inventory and all are approved by our quality assurance staff prior to arrival in our plant or distribution centers. After initial approval, each microingredient receives a schedule for random sampling and analysis.

The categories for the products are: Yeast, Vitamin, Trace Mineral, Starch/Sugar, Rumen Bypass Product, Protein, Premix Enhancer, Neutraceutical, Mold and Fungal Inhibitor, Milk Replacer, Microbial, Medication, Anionic Salt, Flavor, Enzyme, Larvacide, Dye/Tracer/Colorant, Buffer, Binder, Antioxidant, Amino Acid.

Please contact Customer Service at (800) 666-6102 for product information.

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