Quality Manufacturing....

TPi has two manufacturing plants situated on one property in Madera, CA. On the property there is our Main Plant and our Specialty Premix Plant (SPP). The SPP plant evolved as equine customers and end consumers began requesting feeds made in an ionophore (Rumensin® & Bovatec®) free plant. We accepted the challenge and met the requests. After five years of ionophore free status, we chose to make the SPP 100% medication free. No medications are allowed in the SPP and we control contamination up the procurement chain. The SPP has multiple mixers, an Air-Swept-Pullverizer, liquid pumping systems, a tablet press, and several packaging options. The SPP has the capability to manufacture various sized orders from 25 lbs to a full truckload. The production staff in the SPP is our most experienced and include employees that have been with TPi since the early 90’s.

Primary Plant

The TPi primary premix plant manufactures medicated and non-medicated vitamin and trace mineral premixes for animal feed. Construction of the primary plant was completed in 1990 utilizing a semi automated batch control system. The original system was updated to a fully automated version in 1996. Automated Process Engineers Corporation (APEC) designed and installed the software which provides a highly accurate weighing and batching system with full traceability of ingredients and production runs.

  • Bulk materials that arrive by train or truck are unloaded through a typical receiving pit and elevator distribution system to 10 storage bins.
  • 3 Loss in Weight bins are filled by pneumatic delivery vehicles
  • 4 bulk bins are filled by a stinger truck or dedicated screw lift.
  • All material deliveries are received in with their own ‘lot’ number to uniquely identify the load and to provide full traceability of all raw material and products on site.
  • The primary plant utilizes multiple weighing systems and scales in order to optimize weighing accuracy in all phases of production.
  • Minor and Micro feeder screws operate on Variable Frequency Drives controlled by the batch computer providing the best accuracy in the shortest time.
  • Completed batches are transferred through a single conveyor into 1 of 5 packing bins or 1 of 8 bulk load out bins.
  • Packaging is achieved through a Taylor BDAP dual auto bag feed system, or a Taylor IBC 3000 Bulk bagger.
  • Packaging operation control is interfaced with the batching computer which controls and monitors each bin, individual bag weights, and production yields.
  • Discrepancy’s in yields result in a “lot” pending alarm and the “lot” is held in pending status until the QC manager has determined its disposition.
  • Each bag is laser etched with the lot number created in the batching system.
  • Hand additions into batches are critical and these are premixed in two separate areas; medicated and non-medicated. In order to maximize accuracy, each hand addition premixing area has multiple scales to accommodate additions as low as 2 grams and as high as 50 kgs.
  • Each scale is networked into the lot tracking data base which allows instant lot traceability for all medicated and non medicated ingredients.
  • Hand addition containers (Drums) are labeled with a unique bar code and tracked through each step of production.
TPi's ingredients are fed to:
  • Dairy cows
  • Dairy calves and replacement heifers
  • Feedlot cattle
  • Poultry broilers
  • Poultry layers
  • Companion animals, horses, trout, ducks, mink, and various animals at the San Diego Zoo

Top Manufacturing Points

  • Each and every ingredient goes through a strenuous approval process prior to being approved and used in our supplements.
  • Ongoing records and certificates of analysis are kept on individual lots of ingredients used in our supplements.
  • Each order is inspected prior to being shipped from our manufacturer to our facility.
  • Our supplements are manufactured in a medication free facilities.
  • Our manufacturer has a HACCP plan in place and is Safe Feed Safe Food certified
  • The plant personnel that manufacture our supplements have been doing it for over 15 years.  Many of the employees are the same today as when we began.
  • We have consistently met and continue to meet label guarantees.
  • Our manufacturer has a state of the art traceably system allowing us to manage adulterated or sabotaged ingredients.  (i.e. melamine)  This technology is available via Apple devices.  Via a broadband connection, we can view exactly what ingredient and what ingredient lot was used by our manufacturer.
  • Our manufacturer is specialized in manufacturing supplements for species that have a higher level of biological sensitivity than horses.  The same level of care and concern is used when our supplements are made.
  • When manufacturing supplements, all the ingredients need to be equally dispersed so that individual servings are homogeneous.  Our manufacturer performs regular testing on their equipment and maintain excellent scores.