About Us...

TPi was incorporated in May, 1989 and officially opened in 1990. Our stock was purchased by Land O' Lakes Purina Feed in July, 1997, and we operate as a wholly owned subsidiary. Our manufacturing plant is located in Madera, CA and our hub for distribution to customers located in the Pacific Northwest is in Hubbard, OR(which is just south of Portland). We also have a sales office in Twin Falls, ID catering to the needs of our customers in Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Nevada.

TPi stocks over 1000 microingredients (vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, neutraceuticals, etc…), manufactures custom premixes, and operates distribution channels to customers west of the Rockies. We also distribute internationally to several countries along the Pacific Rim, Canada, and Mexico. Our primary customers are livestock and companion animal feed companies and integrated livestock companies. We also work closely with independent nutritionists and other companies in our industry who require high quality and peace of mind that certain products make it to their customers. Everyday our goal is to treat customers how we would like to be treated while providing a level of quality assurance surpassing industry standards.

While the majority of our business is livestock, primarily dairy cows, many of the microingredients we handle are resold to other species of animals. The spectrum of species ranges from lorikeets, to crickets, to bees, to sea bass, to exotic zoo animals. Each creature or specie of animal has unique nutritional requirements as well as particular physical characteristics. We have learned and cooperated with customers over the years in a manner that has grown to meet the unique demand for this niche market.

TPi’s domestic market territory consists of states along and west of the Continental Divide. TPi also accesses the international market through the ports of Long Beach, CA; Oakland, CA; and Portland, OR. We do interact and extent our domestic market territory with our sister company based out of Neosho, MO called Nutrablend. Nutrablend’s market territory is mainly the states east of the Continental Divide. TPi and Nutrablend’s market territories provide us with a nationwide footprint for the efficient distribution of microingredients and high quality premixes.

  • Incorporated in May, 1989 Officially opened in 1990
  • Service west coast layers, dairy cows, all types of livestock, companion animals, as well as independent nutritionists and feedmills throughout the West
  • Stock was purchased by Land O’ Lakes in July, 1997
  • Four on-staff A.R.P.A.S. Certified nutritionists
  • Service staff with a guaranteed 24-hour response time
  • First class tenured production crew
  • In house quality assurance monitoring
  • In house accounting and billing
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